In October, I found this set of 4 chairs at an estate sale. They were covered in plastic and lived in a barn with some chickens. Someone had made some awful slipcovers for them- I almost walked by without even a second look. But my instinct got the best of me, and I peaked under plastic and chicken feathers to find black lacquer and a tropical Lee Jofa cushion. I loved the lines, and all of the caning was still perfect on every one. So I took them all for $20.

I usually take about a month from the point of buying furniture to recovering or painting because I like to make sure it turns out just how I want, I like to consider, and reconsider ALL of my options. Not so with this set. We needed dining chairs, and I had one good weekend before it became too cold to spray paint. Here is how I did it:

White Krylon Spray Primer
Heirloom White Semi-Gloss Spray Paint
Staple Gun and Staples
1.5 yards of Fabric

1. Unscrew the seat cushions from the frame. Wash the chairs with soap and water. When dry I primed them. Primer is cheaper than paint so i usually prime A LOT before the final coat. I did 3 coats on each side. (I laid the chairs on their back and primed the fronts and sides then when dry I laid them on their front legs with the top on the drop cloth to prime the back and sides.)
2. Paint the final coat, I did this the same as the primer and only needed 2 coats.
3. To recover the seats I laid them on top of my fabric and I cut them out with about a 4 inch border of excess. fold the fabric around the cushion and use a staple gun to secure in place.
* Staple tips: I like to put the first staple in the middle of the front edge of the cushion and pull tight as I place a staple across from the first. See the diagram below. Then repeat with the sides and do the corners last.
4. Screw the cushion back onto the frame, and you are done!

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