Somehow in college I became a "Crazy cat Lady." I don't know how it happened. I like cats, I would choose a cat over a dog, but I still love dogs. I think cat pictures and youtube videos are as funny as the next guy, but I became the person who everyone shared their funny cat videos with. If you have ever been to my personal facebook page you might have considered me a crazy cat lady, you may have even shared with me your crazy cat videos. I do love them, keep them coming, in the mean time I thought I would share with you some lovely cat inspiration from my "Lovelies" board on Pinterest.

 If I had a cat, you better believe he would have a bowtie.

 This cheetah kitten is too much!

Could I be any more fluffy?

 Also, If I had a cat we would jump on the bed all the time.

Cat nap. 

Phil is always such a source of wisdom

I don't want to discriminate so here's a cute puppy too!

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