I adore art collections. And while I was at the antique show last week I couldn't help but notice all of the great vintage art collections on display. My favorites came from a local shop called Kearsarge Lodge. One of the shops owners, Martha Andrea, is a fabulous artist and was an art history professor for many years- she really has an incredible eye for good collections and framing. My favorite was this hunting dog collection.

Art collections are coming back in a big way. You can't open a home decor magazine these days without spotting a great collage of frames. And whether your personal taste is traditional or modern, there is something for everyone. The two spaces below showcase a great option for those of you who love a traditional look. They are matted in creme with simple gold frames.To get this look at home you can visit one of my favorite vintage art sites, Vintage Printable. They have everything from botanicals, to kid's prints.

If you love a more modern look, you could have photos printed in black and white. The monochrome look will simplify the collection, giving it a unified feel. Black frames also help streamline these 2 collections.

If you are digging the more modern collections check out this museum-esque collection of butterfly prints. You can go here for free printables. There are only eight in this collection so you will have to do a 2x4 block of prints.

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