Have you ever had one of those mornings where you get up, look in the mirror, and you look like you didn't sleep a wink. It only takes one person saying, "You look exhausted," or "Are you sick?" before you realize you probably look like Taylor Momsen. Well those unsightly dark under eye circles can say a lot about your health. Too much caffeine, stress, lack of sleep, and vitamin deficiency can be just a few culprits.  Here are some natural remedies to remove under eye circles.

Chamomile Tea Bags- Steep some chamomile tea bags in hot water, then rinse in cool water to create an eye-pack. Just putting these on your eyes for about 20 minutes will help reduce puffiness and can help diminish dark circles quickly.

As Cool as a Cucumber- Sliced cucumber on your eyes isn't just for the movies, it is a trick used by many  spas in luxury facial treatments. Just a couple of ice cold slices on your eyes will help reduce puffiness and tighten and tone the under eye area. (If you are in a rush and don't have a cucumber lying around the back of a cold spoon can have the same effect, in a pinch.)

Drink up, and Go Salt-Free- Too much salt usually leads to fluid-retention, which  can lead to puffiness under your eyes. Remember to drink plenty of water and reduce your salt intake, it will help you flush out toxins. You'll notice a visible change in just a day.

Dark circles under the eyes are more prominent because that area is so delicate and thin. You can improve your overall skin tone and appearance with a healthy diet and exercise, but when those stressful times and sleepless nights start to take their toll, just take care of the problem with a natural remedy for long-term benefits.

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