I made a little discovery last month that I am nerdishly excited about. My last strawberry plant from the summer just bit the dust, and I had an empty pot in my kitchen. We were making soup and I had chopped an entire stalk of celery and I just thought- it has leaves what if I could regrow this. So I stuck it in the ground and gave it some water watching it everyday, thinking it would never work. I wasn't too invested in it, I mean celery is so cheap even when organic that if it failed I wasn't out my time or emotional attachment to the plant-- see what I mean by nerdy. To my surprise it worked! See below, and as soon as one worked I started a mini celery garden. Like I said last week, I have Spring Fever so get ready for a billion garden posts the next few weeks. And the cottage kitchen from this post, is getting installed next week- can't wait to share!

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