I have a box in my office filled with notes and cards that I like to keep around for inspiration. I find it helpful if I am stumped on the wording to a wedding announcement, need a reminder on a friend's child's birth date, or need an idea for a color palette. You'd be surprised how many small things you can find inspiration in. But first you have to get them out of the box. I have been meaning to make a pin board for a while and finally got around to it on Sunday, while watching the latest Mad Men. It really is that easy, it took about 20 min, excluding painting the frame. So here's how:

Find a great frame with character, I loved this one because it had some great carved details in it. I picked it up a few years ago at good will and it had been waiting for new life. I painted it white with some primer I had on hand but any type of paint will do on wood- prime before you paint plastic or metal.

Then I used an exacto knife to cut a piece of foam core to fit the opening. I had a few fabric remnants on hand and selected a black and white pattern for the inside. It had too much contrast for my taste- so I ended up using the back side of the fabric, which is grey and white.

Just pop the foam core into place. Arrange some cards and letters and pin them on! That's it, I told you so easy. And you can do it on a large or small scale. If you had a large frame you could duct tape your foam boards together to create a larger inspiration palette. I already know I'll be switching out the fabric panel all the time.

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