My latest obsession comes in the form of reclaimed dining tables. Especially those with trestle bases. What is a trestle base? The trademark of a trestle table is its horizontal support beam, rested across two vertical legs. The classic traditional trestle has "X" shaped legs, while more modern style tables may just have slab legs or unadorned vertical supports. Don't you love them? Now, we don't have to drive through miles of farm land to find old barn wood to build our furniture. Many chain stores offer reclaimed wooden products, making it easier than ever to adopt a greener way of life. Here are just a few great options you could order from a catalog or online.

Vintage Fir Cross-Beam Table from Viva Terra

Emmerson Table from West Elm

Reclaimed Pin Rectangular Table from Williams-Sonoma

Trestle Salvaged Wood Table from Restoration Hardware
Or if you are more of a DIY kind of person you could put your work gloves on and try out this Farm House Table tutorial from Ana White Homemaker. This project seems to be blowing up, so many people have posted pictures of their completed projects. Some are touting that it only cost them $65.00 (imagine if you had the wood for free!) If you build this you have to send me pictures.

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