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Today, I want to share some great "contained" spaces. You may have noticed this trend taking off in the last five or so years. Shipping containers that are being recycled into very affordable and innovative living spaces. Container architecture is blowing up lately, because its not only budget friendly but very eco friendly as well. These containers are being transformed into very flexible living and work spaces, by large architectural firms and by the everyman.Check out these homes below, some of these interior shots don't look like shipping containers at all.

The interiors of this container were finished the same as most conventional homes, and the exterior is clad in wood, hiding any evidence of it's past life as a container.

The roof on this home is not only beautiful but helps keep the space cool.

Each space in this home has its own little container, and then the central area creates one large great room.

Can you believe that interior shot is a container home? I love the decks and walkways in this Kansas City home.

This one reminds me of Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House

This shipping container home has such a high end look, mixing glass and concrete into the design.

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Serge said...

Love the second house! Those with a green thumb would love that roof!