I have been busy out in the garden harvesting all sorts of goodies, so today I wanted to share a list for eating and selecting foods with the seasons. Planning out your garden all year round, and selecting foods from the market that are in season will help you save money, and ensure that you are choosing foods that were grown closer to your home. It takes so much more money and energy to grow, harvest, and transport, a tomato to South Dakota in the middle of February than in late August. I know the winter food list isn't as appetizing as the summer list, but hey that's what canning is for right?

Update: for a great list on foods most contaminated by pesticides, see this post. 


Kari said...

lovely list- thanks!
~Kari @

Mrs. Tiffany Mahler said...

Thank you for this list! Very helpful! Just wondering - I've heard that the seasonal list varies depending on where you live. Do you know if that's true?

Erika @ Style Me Green said...

It does depend on where you live, especially if you shop organic or local only. In general there are more of these fruits/veggies available during that time of year, so many grocers have them available because they have been trucked in.

Mary McShane said...

Hi Erika, What a great website! I love your graphic of how to eat with the seasons and I've shared it (including your link) on my blog. I also found you on Pinterest. Many thanks!
Mary McShane

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