It must have been the chill in the air I felt early in the week, because this weekend was crammed with do-it-yourself projects that have been piling up. Mostly painting- I knew that I couldn't do once it got too cold. We also stopped over at my parent's to help them paint their shed, we spent the entire weekend in painting clothes- no joke!

I finally finished the desk and got it all painted! He (I guess I assume furniture should take a masculine pronoun) still needs some hardware, but I haven't quite decided yet what to go with there. Check back Wednesday and I'll tell you how to build one yourself.

I just couldn't take the jade color of the master bedroom headboard anymore, so I re-painted it with Benjamin Moore's Misted Green. See the how-to here.

I repainted my blue nightstand to match John's. I hadn't intended on painting it but then I had to stare at his every day and realized I love that color. His is this beauty here.

And yes, the stump I carried 15 miles through blazing sun is still sitting there mocking me. Except this time it's in the family room, so it mocks on a daily basis. I may never finish that hot mess.

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