I think today is the scariest day of the year, even more terrifying than Halloween. I just avoid going out at all. I have never shopped a Black Friday in my life and I hope to keep it that way. But I get it, you can buy toys, clothes, and gifts for deep discounts, on a small budget you can get a lot for your money- and if you have a large family you can stretch your dollar farther. If you do venture out today in search of great deals think about investing in local businesses and keeping your money close to home.

Almost anything you can buy from a big box store can be found at a local mom and pop shop.  Those same vendors you saw selling jewelry and hats at the Farmer's Market will likely still have inventory to select from. If you are shopping for someone who "has everything" try donating to a charity in their name. Give gift certificates to local restaurants, and shops if you are unsure of what to stuff stockings with. You won't regret investing in your local infrastructure, I promise. If you just can't find the perfect thing try sites like Etsy, where you can select from many vendors of homemade and vintage goods. Good luck on this day, shop smart, and shop wisely!

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