Welcome to the new look of Style Me Green. It hasn't changed a lot, we just got a mini face lift. I was inspired over the weekend to change the signature green to more of a deep teal green. Where did I find the inspiration you ask? My Pinterest page of course. While "watching" the Bears beat down on the Titans on Sunday (my Fantasy team killed it by the way)  I was perusing my living room boards and was surprised at how much blue/green was there. (I am a notorious grey/white girl) But maybe secretly I'm in love with Jade and Teal. Just take a look for yourself.

I am pretty sure that this is a subtle sign that I need a new sofa, because I had pinned this image twice! I love the long pillow on the front of the sofa.

So while I watched the electoral votes roll in I pulled together a new color scheme and just rolled with it. Like a new haircut I am still living with it, but loving it so far. What inspires you?

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