I finally got around to unloading my ipad and phone of all the shots I snapped at High Point. Here are some of my favorites.I had so much fun, my feet were killing me, but it was all worth it. There was so much inspiration, and I was able to source a lot of things for current projects.

 I love this bed, I'd even take it in the display size

 This carved lamp was so gorgeous in person, the finish was amazing and they had the perfect cream linen shade to top it off.

These framed intaglios were a highlight for me. We saw them at quite a few showrooms and I think they look so sharp framed in the gold with the detail on the edge of the mat. 

 I not only love the shape of this nightstand, but the hardware was perfect. I am a sucker for a great tassel or ring pull and these were the perfect addition to this feminine silhouette.

 This pillow was one of my favorites at market, I've seen this detail done on pillows before but these guys did them so well. If there was a heaven for pillows you'd see it below.

The re-CYCLER had all these great bikes hanging on display, I thought it was so funky.

Love this finish.

This table is one solid piece of carved stone, beautiful! I also loved the cabinet behind it.

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