I have an addiction, unfortunately it's not really treatable, considering it involves painting everything gold. From picture frames, to trays, our house is littered with objects that fell pray to my Midas touch. I even think about what I can paint next. (a pile of pine cones in my office is just screaming for a holiday makeover.) This time it was pumpkins. I wanted to add a little glam to our Thanksgiving table, right now the plan is to head toward a bit of a rustic glamour- but it's all still coming together in my head, and I know it actually wont materialize until moments before the meal.

But not all is lost if we bag the gold pumpkins because I think they make the perfect pre-thanksgiving accessory. I've never been the kind to decorate for Christmas before December begins, so these will hold me over quite nicely until I can get my glittery hands on the pine cone pile. I just wish I painted them sooner. Do you have any DIY addictions?

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