It is still a bit to early around here to get our real raised beds planted. I wanted to get our herbs going so that we had as much time as possible for them to mature. I had set aside this old crate I found at an estate sale last year, and it turned out to be the perfect home for our herbs!

I had to line the interior with plastic, because there were spaces in the base of the crate, and I didn't want the wood to rot. I used an industrial sized trash liner, and cut off the excess, so only about 4" of bag hung over the edge. Because my crate had handles I didn't want the level of soil above that, so I folded over the plastic and stapled it to the inside of the crate just below the handle holes. Then all you have to do is fill the bag with soil and plant your herbs. This would also make a great flower bed if you live in an apartment, and don't have a yard. We have one more crate hiding out in the shed, I think it will make a great Mother's Day gift.


Roxy Starr said...

Do you put holes in the bottom of the crate for drainage ?
Just curious !

Erika @ Style Me Green said...

Ann, the bottom of the crate had gaps, so when I lined the garden with plastic I did not poke holes in the plastic for drainage. My thought was, if it looks like they need more drainage I can always poke holes after the fact because I can access the plastic from the bottom of the crate. As it turns out they have been thriving really well and I only need to water every few days.

Erika @ Style Me Green said...
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Rebecca Woodcock said...

SO glad I just discovered your blog! I'm pinning and favoriting all over the place. And I am beyond thankful for this particular tutorial. We have a couple old crates from my Mr.'s papaw that we plan to use at our wedding--but then what?! Well, now I know, of course!