About 85% of my medicine cabinet is organic, homemade, or all-natural beauty products. But when it came to mascaras, there always was a hole to fill, I have light colored lashes and  faking pretty-looking lashes with "green" products was harder than I thought. If it didn't clump everywhere, I looked like a raccoon by days end, and no one should be rocking raccoon eyes, sorry Taylor Momsen.  But I finally got tired of using a product on my face with petroleum-based ingredients - that's just crazy!

I have tried a few products, and here are some I think are worth recommending-  and one that I am in love with! There's even a bonus these are all great mascaras for sensitive eyes. Without further ado, here are my picks for a great mascara that won't break the bank or the planet.

I had only tried Origins skin care products before, but this Origins GinZing Brightening Mascara caught my eye, being all-natural and vegan. It is highly pigmented and has caffeine, ginseng & carnuba palm to help eyes appear brighter and livelier. It doesn't clump, or get spiky, but remains very soft- a huge selling point for me. One of the best options hands down!

I pretty much bathe in Josie Maran’s argan oil. So, of course when I saw the GOGO mascara, I knew it would be perfect. It lived up to all of its hype, volume and thick lashes is what you'll get. I noticed it tended to clump if I over applied, which is how I had to use my old mascara. You only need one coat with this product to get great coverage.

I don't expect to find green beauty products in the drugstore, so this was a surprise for me. Physicians Formula Organic Wear FakeOut Mascara didn't necessarily give me the kind of results from Origins, but I was impressed by the boost that it gave to my lashes. Also to note, 70% of the ingredients come from organic farming, and this is the first fiber formula mascara to use completely natural fibers.

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