Last week we adopted a cat. As you may recall from our holiday info graphic cards seen here, we almost adopted a cat 12 times last year. and about 9 times the year before that. Long story short, we usually talked ourselves out of it- until I saw this picture on our local animal shelter's website. How can you resist that face?

We thought she was the cutest cat we had ever seen. They posted this picture on a Saturday and it was already getting Facebook responses 5 minutes later. We thought about it, and talked it over on the weekend. By Tuesday night she was all I could think about. We contacted the shelter to see if she was still there, and believe me I didn't get my hopes up because I was sure she would be gone. But by some miracle, (everyone and their mother was out of town that week on Spring Break) she was still there.

We brought her and all of her swag home- including a cat condo, treats, toys, a microchip, food bowls, and judgemental glances. (She really only gives those when we sing her theme song.) She loves to be sneaky and hide. I have found her under the bed, in the shower, and behind the drapes in our bedroom, usually part of her is poking out which makes it even more funny. If I didn't think having a social media page for your pet was crazy she would probably have her own Instagram. Instead she's at the hashtag #maplecat

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