I inherited this record cabinet after all of the speakers and mechanics were stripped from the interior. The doors were all fixed and the only interior access was lifting the top center to a compartment to reveal where the actual record player was hidden.  The drawers are just a decorative fascia, but the doors could actually be removed. I had been looking for a media cabinet and nothing else came close to the right size for the television. So, with a little creativity and hardware we were able to turn this baby into an actual working cabinet, here's how we did it.

1. I removed all of the doors and unscrewed all of the hardware, the door panels had metal and fabric stapled in the insets. We had to carefully remove all of the staples to get the criss-crossed metal out of the insets. I HATE sanding- so I never do it unless it is absolutely necessary. In this case the surface was fine to just prime and paint. So I just had to wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth.
2. I used Rustoleum's 2x primer and their American Accents Ivory Satin. I painted 2 coats of primer over all of the doors and frame of the cabinet, followed by 2 coats of satin Ivory paint. Once the paint was dry I screwed in the new hardware and stapled a simple monochromatic paisley to the inside of the door panels.

3. John installed hinges on the right and left side doors so we could store dvds and all of our electronics. We installed shelves inside those compartments as well with some simple "L" brackets. I left the inside unfinished because only we ever see it and it didn't justify wasting the resources.

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