I hate store bought Halloween costumes. I get that they are super convenient, and they can look just like Spider-man or Cinderella-- but I love coming up with a fun costume idea, and spending time finding or making all of the pieces and parts that go into it. This year I was racking my brain as to what to go as, but as soon as we saw Moonrise Kingdom I knew exactly what our 2012 costumes would be:

Three years ago John and I went as the statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore. It was my favorite costume to make and was basically free, we were only out a can of black and green spray paint, and 2 sheets of foam board! We still have the mask and crown just in case we find ourselves in a costume pinch!

We have some friends who always come up with the best costumes ever... as you can see here:

And if you still are stumped for some fun make at home costumes try out some of these ideas:

Mary Poppins


 Fantastic Mr. Fox

Cast of Mad Men

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