I have had to come to the reality that fall really is here last week when I need a jacket for my short walk to work. Of course I haven't gotten any of my fall/winter clothes out of storage. I have been dreading having to say good bye to the summer sun, but there is one thing I have been looking forward to. BOOTS! I love boots, well shoes in general. But I started searching the web for a great new pair of brown boots that were eco-friendly and I found so many styles I ended up loving. Of course half way through my search I had to go into the office and "hide" because John was catching onto my plan. I just have to start typing in the phrase "target" into the search engine and he takes away my computer. I am (maybe)  addicted to online "window shopping" I ended up finding a great pair, for a steal. Here are some of the other finds I was loving. Click images for link.

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Eliza said...

I love the first boots you listed! But, there is no link associated with the photo. Can you tell me where they are from? Thanks!