Have you ever fallen into a design rut? It’s easy to find a style or trend you love and sooner or later you realize it has popped up in a few rooms in your home. One trend I keep seeing repeated is white and marble subway tiles in kitchen backsplashes. Don't get me wrong, I really love that look- I do it for clients all the time, but I am starting to feel like a one trick pony. It is a simple part of your kitchen that can make a big splash (no pun intended, but hey that was pretty clever!) if done right. Here’s some inspiration to help you (and me) get out of the subway tile rut.

Add a touch of pattern

Try a natural touch like pebbles or bricks.

Mix it up with metal

Renting? Try painting a backsplash it’s affordable and far from permanent

*Note two of the images have a watermark so I know where they came from-- but the rest were saved on a file on my computer before Pinterest (how did we even live before Pinterest) If you know the source please send it to me, I'd love to be able to link them!


Crafty mama said...

Love the copper! Do you have to seal it with anything?

Erika @ Style Me Green said...

Crafty Mama,
To install copper backsplash use an adhesive caulk that's compatible with metals. If you want to preserve the shiny look, use several thin coats of lacquer on the copper. This will prevent it from fingerprints or changing color. Leaving it natural will result in darkening and even some greening. This is a self-protective patina, some people really love the work look!