June must be the month for having babies. I have had quite a few friends who just celebrated their babe's first birthday, and a handful more that are due later this month. If you know me well you know babies terrify me- I never grew up having baby siblings, and I have never changed a diaper in my life.  I think I am the only person in the world with babyphobia.  I used to teach kindergartners, I can handle toddlers and small children, its just something about the unpredictability of a little human that strikes fear in my heart. But I LOVE designing nurseries, and play rooms. I recently designed a nursery for a good friend who is having a little boy later this month, here is where I drew some of my inspiration. I'll share my design board with you a bit later in the week!

I love the gold crib and draperies in this nursery. What a great idea to have a larger bed in the nursery in case you need/want to be close to your little one. 

The simple owl print hung in an ornate frame above the crib really makes a statement in this space. 

The backdrop of this nursery is all neutral with touches of green and coral in the accessories.

The rug in this room really sets the stage for a "world traveler" look, the map doesn't hurt either. 

This green crib is perfect. 

The paint by numbers mural in this room was a huge inspiration for me. I hope this room has a tee pee.

I love orange and pink for little girls, this room is fresh, and fun I loved the roman shade and window seat.

I imagine this room in a cozy New York apartment, I love that little felt cloud. 

This neutral space is quite feminine, I really like how they incorporated texture to warm it up. 

I was kind of dying over the antique crib in this room, and the gingham bed skirt just hit it home for me. 

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