I get so many questions from people about my hair that I thought I'd address them here. First of all I should tell you I don't get haircuts often, maybe twice a year. But I do clip any split ends that pop up to keep it looking healthy. 
Please excuse this grainy phone photo, it was late at night, and yes those are my PJs

Do you color your hair? 
I used to get highlights in the top, but I don't color it anymore. I had one bad experience that we call the "cartoon character" phase, so never again. The remnants of the highlights are still growing out. But I do use THIS recipe for natural highlights in the summer.

What products do you use for hair care?
I don't use traditional shampoo or conditioner. It might sound gross, but once you convert you will never go back. My hair always looks clean and healthy. Healthier than its ever looked. See my recipes at the end of this post for exactly what I mean.

How do you get your hair to curl the way it does, and keep in the curl?
I just use my 1" curling iron as a wand, I don't use the little snappy handle at all, just keep it closed. I don't use any products on it once its curled. I live in a dry enough climate that humidity is not a concern, and I feel that it just looks more natural.

Here's How I go shampoo free and why:
You have to understand that shampoo is stripping away everything on your hair-the good and the bad. Its a detergent that is filled with chemicals that we have just been conditioned (no pun intended) to accept. Just think about it, for thousands of years people didn't use shampoo. Most shampoos also contain mineral oil, which is a byproduct when gasoline is distilled from crude oil. It’s added to shampoo to thickly coat the strands, giving hair an artificial shine.

Baking soda and Vinegar Rinses:
I start with a baking soda rinse. Baking soda works wonders on hair, along with its other many household helps. It’s gentle, it’s the weakest alkaline, and it clarifies hair from chemical buildup. Use 1 TBS baking soda and 1.5 cups of water. I shake it up in an old shampoo bottle. I have thick hair so if you have fine hair you could try less baking soda.  Then just wet hair in the shower and start the rinse at the scalp and work your way down the hair will naturally get cleaned once the scalp is clarified. Then, I rinse it out, just like I would shampoo.

Apple cider vinegar is a mild acidic, working well to counteract the baking soda, and thus acts as a great replacement for conditioner. It detangles, seals the cuticle, and balances the hair’s pH. I use the ratio,  2 TBS Vinegar and 1.5 cups of water. Shake, shake, shake. Just put it on the ends and let it sit for a bit before you rinse it all out.
There is a period of time that lasts a few weeks where your hair reacts by producing excess oil. This is normal, your hair has been over producing oil for so long that it has to slow down.  If you find that your hair is still too oily try using less vinegar, or not using it all together. Some people also use lemon juice instead of vinegar for their acidic rinse, but I feel like its too acidic for me. If your hair feels too dry, use less baking soda.

*UPDATE: After getting a few questions on this I should clarify that, I found  I needed an extra rinse of vinegar, but I have a lot of hair. So you may not need to go to those lengths. If you find that you want your hair a bit silkier try an avocado mask for your hair, or use coconut oil to hydrate dried ends or your scalp.   There is a lot of trial and error associated with going poo-free, but I wish you all good luck!


Amy Bafia said...

So I've been trying this for 2 weeks and.the problem I'm having is I feel like.its not rinsing.out all the way. On the other hand it looks awesome in the front. Body. Not so thin. Any suggestions.

Amy Bafia said...

So I've been trying this for 2 weeks and.the problem I'm having is I feel like.its not rinsing.out all the way. On the other hand it looks awesome in the front. Body. Not so thin. Any suggestions.

Erika @ Style Me Green said...

Amy, I have really thick hair and I noticed at the roots it was feeling like I didn't get all the baking soda out- so I tried a double rinse with the vinegar. Which seemed to help but I didn't want to be doing that forever- so I started washing my hair in the sink with the jet sprayer and it turns out it felt a lot better and I was saving water.

Delmy Diaz said...

I am also having the problem with the baking soda on my roots. The major problem with me is that I have a lot of dandruff and my skin is very dry altogether. I have been going poo-free for about 2 weeks now and am determined to keep going but my scalp feels and looks horrible. Should I try doing the rinse without the vinegar?